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Scarface was a good leader Bill 11/12/2004
Problems with female authority Bill 10/04/2004
I just wanted Jeans Bill 10/04/2004
Frat-tastic! Bill 09/13/2004
Rolling Rock Green Light Bill 09/11/2004
Women's rights still an ssue? Bill 09/10/2004
Naps Bill 09/10/2004
If you are ever sitting at your computer bored... Bill 09/09/2004
Good quote Bill 08/31/2004
Stereotypes exist for a reason Bill 08/31/2004
The green ones. Bill 08/30/2004
If it werent for crazy people, life would suck Bill 08/23/2004
Its funny when the cops show up at church Bill 08/23/2004
I had a wonderful article Bill 08/21/2004
Back to school... Bill 08/18/2004
WTF? Bill 08/17/2004
Number two my white ass! Bill 08/16/2004
strangest conversatin of the day... Bill 08/15/2004
Everclear. Bill 08/11/2004
guess who's back... Bill 08/11/2004
The Punisher Bill 04/18/2004
Beware the Mongols at the gym! Bill 04/05/2004
It is official... I have been compared to Hitler! Bill 02/13/2004
Stop wasting my air! Bill 02/13/2004
Never trust a dude with only one eyebrow! Bill 02/10/2004
What is it about sororities? Bill 02/05/2004
I am self centered. Bill 01/29/2004
Guns are cool Bill 01/15/2004
The letter I wrote to request donations for a mission trip Bill 01/14/2004
If dogs could talk Bill 12/16/2003
Phone sex... Bill 12/16/2003
Business school is for chumps Bill 12/15/2003
So, this one time I got yelled at... Bill 12/15/2003
So, you can comment Bill 12/14/2003
"incident" update Bill 12/14/2003
Very cool... kinda Bill 12/14/2003
Christianity = Fascism? Bill 12/11/2003
Prank night... er week? Bill 11/19/2003
Stop eating Christian babies! Bill 10/30/2003
Holiday Season already? Bill 10/28/2003
Kill Bill Bill 10/23/2003
Memories... Bill 10/15/2003
Band kids are freakin weird sometimes. Bill 10/15/2003
WTF?? Bill 10/14/2003
Stop it! Bill 10/13/2003
That guy is pressing charges! Bill 10/13/2003
HA! Bill 10/12/2003
Dolphins piss me off Bill 10/12/2003
Long week + mountain dew + lack of sleep = plans of world domination... apparent Bill 10/12/2003
Let me know what you think... Bill 10/12/2003
I thought this should be online... Updated!!! 10-12-03 Bill 10/09/2003
The people's Republic of California Bill 08/11/2003
TV is for stupid people. Bill 07/30/2003
Keep me in line... Please! Bill 07/30/2003
Maybe the rumors are true? Bill 07/17/2003
Those silly monkeys! Bill 07/15/2003
Nerds suck! Bill 07/04/2003
I need my own reality TV show. Bill 06/26/2003
When I work out I want to get dehydrated! Bill 06/24/2003
Famous people are weird. Bill 06/23/2003
If you cannot understand this, then you do not dseserve to have children. Bill 06/22/2003
Who would do such a thing? Bill 06/20/2003
The US is arrogant! Bill 06/18/2003
Where have all the rappers gone? Bill 06/18/2003
Puppets are taking over the planet! Bill 06/13/2003
When is Mr. T coming back? Bill 06/11/2003
Americans might just be dumber than I thought. Bill 06/09/2003
Terrorists are really big dorks! Bill 06/06/2003
The Pope is a Pimp! Bill 06/05/2003
The first... Bill 06/04/2003

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