Good quote 

Good quote

"I was one of those people that observed the things that most people didn?t see. For example, most people see a preview for a G rated movie and think about taking their children or little sisters to see it. I, on the other hand, think about how the large corporations that control the movie industry care nothing about the children that come to see it nor do they care about the children they make stars out of. In fact these people represent nothing but dollar signs for fat men in suits in skyscrapers far from the Middle America families that fork over 8 bucks to see these things.
The fact that these children are even famous speaks volumes about how most Americans lack the desire to think for themselves. These little kids live adult lifestyles with adult money, adult problems and adult drug addictions. Yet they look cute and have dimples so they fit into the cookie cutter image America wants them to and everything is fine.
You never hear a parent say ?Sure lets take junior to see the movie with the twins in it. You know those little incestuous twins that snort cocaine and vomit up their dinners? Yeah, them. Lets go see their new movie.? No, not literally but figuratively that is exactly what they are saying.
Not to mention that acting has historically been a craft that second-class citizens took up to pay the bills, and yet we glorify these people like deities. They are a far cry from the traveling gypsies of the past as far as status goes. The sad thing is that these kids that Hollywood exploits are going to be doomed to an adolescence of drug use and meaningless sex with prostitutes. Not only that but as soon as they get a bad review, date the wrong person with the wrong image or gain too much weight they are going to be kicked out on the street and banished to grocery store tabloids.
Then I think to myself that it is incredibly ironic that the actors that Hollywood pimps and spits out when they are used up usually end up getting arrested for soliciting prostitution. To me the twist of that irony far outweighs the temporary laughs that any 90 minute kids movie could provide. It is also far more amusing to me than some cheap played out joke. Of course in its own way, it is a cheap, played out joke itself, I guess. I have been called a cynic. Sometimes worse. But the point I am getting at is that I don?t always look at things the same way as everyone else."

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 1:53 am MST by Lakers Tickets

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