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Scarface was a good leader

So for my management class I had to find a movie that exemplified leadership. The assignment was due at nine and I got home from work at midnight. Yeah I pulled something out of the air. I decided that I could be a complete tool and use rudy, or the lord or the rings or some crap like that, or I could try to find a movie that no one else would pick and honestly expect to get an A by using. I chose the movie "Scarface" . Scarface was a damn good leader and here is how I made my case. Yeah I probably could have made i funnier, but I want a good grade and it was like way late when I got around to typing it.

Scarface tells the story of a Cuban ex-con that immigrated to America when Fidel Castro opened the ports in Havana in 1980. Tony Montana came to America with hopes and dreams. With his best friend Mani they began a new life. Tony and Mani begin working for a Miami crime boss named Frank Lopez, who makes his money selling cocaine. Tony is a very ambitious man and hopes to run the business one day.
Tony?s leadership skills are best exemplified in a scene where he accompanies one of the top lieutenants of Lopez to the hills of Bolivia to meet with one of their largest suppliers of cocaine. Since business was good, the plan was to keep purchases at their current level. Tony decided to interrupt the negotiations and suggest that they could afford to buy more at a hugely discounted rate. He risked getting fired or even killed by going over Lopez?s head and negotiating for him. The other associate of Mr. Lopez who Tony accompanied to Bolivia gets extremely frustrated with him and tries to break the deal. The drug supplier is aware that things are not going as smoothly as they should and offers to let Tony stay in Bolivia for a couple of days while his associate flies back to Miami and presents the new terms of the deal to Mr. Lopez personally. Everyone agrees that this is the best idea. As the gentleman is escorted away to a helicopter to take him to the airport Tony and the drug supplier begin discussing the terms of the new agreement. Tony is warned not to ever double cross the man because it could lead to his death. Just then the helicopter passes overhead and stops to hover. Tony?s partner is flung from the hovering chopper with a rope around his neck and hung. Tony is now negotiating the deal for Mr. Lopez.
This was the first step in Tony? rise to power. He knew that his associate was weak and seized the opportunity to move ahead in his business by going around his weakness. Tony continued to assert himself. When he returned to Miami he had to explain to Mr. Lopez why he returned alone and with 3 times the amount of cocaine they had originally agreed to purchase. Frank was greatly displeased with the terms of the agreement as well as losing one of his top employees. This one act set Tony up for his rise to power as the largest drug dealer in Miami. Because of his ambition Frank became displeased with him and tried to have him killed. Luckily Tony survived and ended up instead, killing Frank. With Frank out of the way Tony was in control of the business and turned it into the largest cocaine selling operation in Miami.

Tony Montana is a perfect example of Modern Trait Theory?. I will list the characteristics of this theory and explain how they apply to Tony.
Drive: Tony had this in abundance. He was driven to succeed. He was motivated by money and power and would do anything to get them.
Ambition: Tony had a clear view of his intents and how he planned to gain control of the business. The first time he met Frank, he knew that he was a weak man who coul dbe overcome.
Energy: Tony had the energy to work long hours and complete hard tasks to achieve his goals. He was willing to fly all the way to Bolivia just to have a man killed.
Initiative: Tony took initiative by negotiating for his boss, and saw it as a money making opportunity.
Need for power: Tony very obviously had a need for power as he was willing to kill to get it.
Honesty and integrity: Tony was in fact a very honest man although he was not very ethical. He had his own morals and stuck to them very closely. They are not morals that most people would consider normal but he was very consistent throughout his acts. He would not double cross anyone that did not have it coming.
Self-confidence: Tony had this in excess. In fact it was his sense of invulnerability that led to his eventual death. In the movies finally he was shot in the head with a sawed off shotgun by a hit squad because he refused to blow up a car with a snitch in it. Tony refused because the snitches children were also in the car. I told you he had morals.
General Intelligence: Tony was a very smart man but not a well educated one. He was from the streets of Cuba. He served in the Cuban army and spent time in jail. He was ale to outsmart most of his competitors and his boss to take control of his drug empire.

Problems with female authority

Most women think that guys have problems with female authority. Most guys couldnt care less who is telling them what to do as long as the person instructing them is a rational coherent individual. The problem seems to arise when certain females obtain authority.

Men have this stereotype of powerful women in their minds. Well, I do at least. It is a short thick woman with a deep voice who yells alot. She appears to have lesbian tendencies, and is overbearing. This stereotype is what I associate with powerful women because it is these wpomen who are the most obnoxious ones when it comes to actually having authority. Think about the dyke coaches you had in middle school.

Now the reason for this stereotypes existence in my mind is that several of the most distinct women with authority in my life have loosely fit into this mold. This is not to say that ALL women with authority fit this, but there are reasons that so many women that do fit this mold seem to rise up. Im ny mind it is an insecurity complex cause by the percieved lack of powerful women.

For example if one were insecure and thought they were in a mans world they might feel the need to act manly. This often involves being loud and obnoxious, but come on ladies you know you love us. In an apptempt to get noticed it would seem that the girl felt the need to act hard and man up etc. Assuming there were guys in charge of promoting her she probably got a promotion because they thought she was a lesbian and did not want to be sued over affirmitave action.

Another theory is this. Most women... Most people are average. Thats what average means. You are just like everyone else. These women that seem to be scary power lesbians are already separated from the rest of the female population. They might have more testosterone in their bodies than most women. They might be stronger, or louder. They might just all be big bad ass biker lesbians who intimidate their way through life. I dont know. But whatever it is that makes them not average could be related to them simply having a stronger drive to get ahead in life.

The simple fact ofit is most females do not have what it takes to be in charge of things. Dont take offense ladies. Most men do not either. About 80 percent of people are simply contet to settle into a routine and do what they are told. It matters not whether they are male or female.

I dont know why I felt theneed to write this. I dontknow if it even flows coherently. I just heard some whiney bitch talking about how men have problems with females in control and it mademe think. I came to the realization that I dont mind being controlled by a female. In fact I could see her now in her tight skirt and tall boots. She might even have handcuffs or something. Damn baby whatt you plan on doing with those, cause I'm a naughty m...

Umm, I gotta go.

I just wanted Jeans

Some days its like everything I touch manages to fuck up around me. So lets say hypothetically I thought it might be nice to get a pair of jeans. I go to the mall because that should be a good place to find them.
The endeavor started to go down hill as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. It was like being on campus because everyone is stalking people for their places. There is not a lot of people that want to come to this mall, but there are even less parking spaces. Finally I get one,I get out and take a breath as I tend to do several times a minute. This breath was different. As the air come into my nose I felt an aweful salty tingly kind of feeling. I about threw up because something smelled so absolutely aweful. I thought I had parked on a dead animal. It was just this nasty thick smell like sour milk mixed with piss and vomit. The smell only got worse as I got closer to the building however ittook on a much more distinc fecal matter type of odor. I couldnt even breath through my nose without wretching up. FInally After what seemed like a long slow tedious walk I got inside to safety.

I figure american eagle has as good of jeans as anyone. No. They do not. In fact their jeans are shit. Fuck them. Aparently a 32-34 at abercrombie means absolutely nothing anyplace else because their jeans in the same size were not the same size. If thatmade sense to you then I feel your pain. And their boot cut is gay as hell in case anyone else out there didnt get the memo. All I ask is for a pair of jeans that is long enough for me and doesnt do something retarded liek flare out or taper to my ankle. These jeans sucked. They flared and felt like they were made of paper.

So i go to dillards thinking that perhaps this department store will have a larger selection. I was wrong. I learned a little something today. Department stores dont follow rules of logic. Here is how things work in department stores. About 7/ 8 of the store is well stocked and pretty and smells nice and is clean and shiney. The other eighth of the store is the mens dept. And it looks like hell. Nothing is on the shleves it is all in piles on top of the shelves and on the floors. It is all out of order. As an added bonus, the whole area smells like a foot. Other fun facts I learned were: levis jeans have not changed since 1990 They are still out of style and I guess the designers at that company figured you could disguise an ugly cut by dying it to look "vintage". Idiots. They are just waiting for them to come back in style again i guess.
Nautica jeans are baggy as shit. And polo or ralph lauren or whoever have these little labels on them
that have a disclaimer. "caution these jeans contain heavy dye and need to be washed before wearing and also should always be washed separate from other clothes in cold water".
So basically... these jeans are dangerous. They will fuck up your skin and also your other clothes. Wash them separately. Horse shit. One miht think these would be less expensve than normal jeans but no. To prevent people from buying them the nice people at the sweat shop actually added 10 bucks to the price.

Then there is some brand called lucky. You would have to be to afford the things. They cost like 80 bucks.
Damn that! Then there is this other brand that looked promising. I dont remember the name. It sounded french, but it could have just been spelled funny. So I grabbed a pair in what appeared to be my size. Tthe label said they were my size. However, I had a hard time getting my legs into them. It was like girl jeans or something. They were incredibly tight through my thighs. It was like there was no need to button them. The pressure around my thighs was enough to hold them hup. I could not have had kids if I wore these for more than an hour in the summer. My nads would have done a 180.

These jeans were "designer". Meaning they had stupid shit on them like a button fly. Fuck a button fly. This is possibly the most useless item ever to appear on a mans article of clothing. I need easy access in case of a bladder control emergency. This is a fact. Men require easy access.

Needless to say, I did not come home with any jeans.


Man I wish I could afford to pay for my friends! I wouldnt buy them new though. I would buy them slightly used so that I had money left over for some Oakleys and a pink polo shirt. I would also have to buy some starch so that I could make the collar stand up when I popped it. The 80's were so cool.

I might need a big SUV or truck too. Nothing flashy like an Escalade or a H2, perhaps a Tahoe. Definately GM vehicle though. Fords are for the masses. GM is the way to go.

Being in a fraternity would be nice. Everyone knows that frat guys get better jobs right out of college. I wish I could spend my college years in an alcoholic haze and graduate with a 1.9 GPA and get a job in a fortune 500 company. Of course thats how it would work. I would also make life long friends. It would only cost me a few hundred bucks a month for them too. Yep, Buying friends is so much easier than putting forth social effort to make them.

If I were really lucky I would get drunk one night and pass out and then all of the older brothers would take turns pissing on me. Man, that would be awesome. I gotta save up somemoney and buy me some mothercuking friends!

Plus I would get to be their bitch for a semester! I could learn how to clean the house. They would tell me how to dress and what to act like. Man I wouldnt have to think at all! I would be stupid not to do this!

Rolling Rock Green Light

Sucks ass.

Women's rights still an ssue?

One might think that in the year 2004 society would be treating women as equals. One might also think that women had achieved their goals of equality and that people of both sexes could live together in harmony.

One would be right. Apparently the psycho militant feminists did not get the memo. YOU BITCHES CAN VOTE NOW!!! You have a voice. Stop trying to make a statement by not shaving your legs! Your argument is tired and played out. Women are executives of major companies, investors and some of them even hold office. Why is there still an argument about whether you people are equal to men?

Of course you are. If you are that insecure that you have to try to make a statemtn by getting behind the womens movement in this day and age, you are probably a worthless hippie anyhow. In fact I would venture a guess that you are probably unatractive and dont date much. Or you areperhaps a lesbian. Not an ordinary every day lesbian, but a militant biker lesbian that hates peni. You probably hate them because you have never gotten the opportunity to see one. Refer back to your afore mentioned looks if you are confused as to why you have never seen one.

I heard a comment from one of my coworkers last night that made me wonder what the women's movement was all about. For some reason we were talking about Jessica Simpson and my coworker stated "She has set women back 20 years by being blonde and stupid." I nearly had a brain anurism trying to comprehend this rationale. The woman was born ointo a wealthy family. She had plastic surgery to make her look as attractive as she does, an dbecause of her families affluence and her limited talent she became famous. Why would that have any bearing on the womens movement? Here we have a case of a woman who by all means should be in college making straight C's and fucking fraternity boys, but instead tours the world and makes a shitload of money off of no discernable talent whatsoever.

She is the very poster child of capitalism. She took shit and turned itinto a career albiet with the help of her family. Instead of being happy for her and seeing her as proof that shit can float the femists have to try to knock down Jessica. She could be an Icon. Their whole platform should be that if that ass clown can rise up then they can too. But no. They have to feign dignity and attempt to bring down a successful female.

Stupid bitches. If you all werent collectively and infinately on the rag you might be able to stop bitching and moaning long enough to get something productive done. Whatever. As long as you all continue to be nothing but whiney unnatractive lesbians men will not take you seriously. We might actually listen to Jessicas dumbass. We are visually stimulated creatures and for some reason Jessica appeals to our senses more than Bertha the biker bitch. When you learn this you will start to win over our opinions. We are not unreasonable. We just enjoy being in control of the world.


Naps are the best things that God ever created.

If you are ever sitting at your computer bored...

And I know that you do sometimes because lets face it. Why else would you be reading this?

In any case. If you are ever boared, I highly reccommend the AIM chatrooms. Not because they are intellectually stimulationg or because they are filled with people you would actually care to meet. But because there are so many people in there who are desparate and pathetic. It is like a hive of people to mess with and piss off.

For example:

I went into this room called Christian singles. I was able to clear the room with one entry. Most people pop into a room with something like this: " Hey room 18/f/pic" I figured that since this was a christian themed room there would be fun to behad witha slight variation on it. I typed: "22/m/christian crossdresser". This did not go over so well. One person typed "oh brother" and left. The others simply left. I literally cleared the room with one entry.

Sad but true. Things like this amuse me. Screw you for judging me.

Good quote

"I was one of those people that observed the things that most people didn?t see. For example, most people see a preview for a G rated movie and think about taking their children or little sisters to see it. I, on the other hand, think about how the large corporations that control the movie industry care nothing about the children that come to see it nor do they care about the children they make stars out of. In fact these people represent nothing but dollar signs for fat men in suits in skyscrapers far from the Middle America families that fork over 8 bucks to see these things.
The fact that these children are even famous speaks volumes about how most Americans lack the desire to think for themselves. These little kids live adult lifestyles with adult money, adult problems and adult drug addictions. Yet they look cute and have dimples so they fit into the cookie cutter image America wants them to and everything is fine.
You never hear a parent say ?Sure lets take junior to see the movie with the twins in it. You know those little incestuous twins that snort cocaine and vomit up their dinners? Yeah, them. Lets go see their new movie.? No, not literally but figuratively that is exactly what they are saying.
Not to mention that acting has historically been a craft that second-class citizens took up to pay the bills, and yet we glorify these people like deities. They are a far cry from the traveling gypsies of the past as far as status goes. The sad thing is that these kids that Hollywood exploits are going to be doomed to an adolescence of drug use and meaningless sex with prostitutes. Not only that but as soon as they get a bad review, date the wrong person with the wrong image or gain too much weight they are going to be kicked out on the street and banished to grocery store tabloids.
Then I think to myself that it is incredibly ironic that the actors that Hollywood pimps and spits out when they are used up usually end up getting arrested for soliciting prostitution. To me the twist of that irony far outweighs the temporary laughs that any 90 minute kids movie could provide. It is also far more amusing to me than some cheap played out joke. Of course in its own way, it is a cheap, played out joke itself, I guess. I have been called a cynic. Sometimes worse. But the point I am getting at is that I don?t always look at things the same way as everyone else."

Stereotypes exist for a reason

The other day I was pulling out of a parking lot. I look to the left and right. A car is coming from the left and there are a few people crossing in front of me from the right. I want to turn left. The car heading towards me has its blinker on and is slowing down to come into the parking lot that I am pulling out of. Once the people cross in front of me I begin to pull out. The car coming from my left has come to a complete stop to let the people continue across the street. A I pull up she begins to head right towards me and turns her blinker off. WTF? She then gives me this really nasty look. Dont stop and fake me out then skank!

On another recent trip around town I was cut off in traffic by aperson who decided to slow down to about half the speed limit after they rushed to get in front of me. They then put their blinker on and NEVER TURNED...

There are countless other of these little mishaps, but these two are the most recent. The thing that is startling is that all of the drivers doing things like this lately have one thing in common. They are all Asian women.

I have heard all the jokes about how Asians cant drive and I am starting to think their is truth to it. I guess they are used to bicycles or something. It is like a bad running joke in a movie. How did these ladies get the ability to drive? When I went I had to pass a test. Are there different rules for Asians?

They all drive japanese cars too. Its like bringing a little piece of home to America I guess. It definately adds to the stereotype though. I mean I ought to spot them froma mile away. I thought old white ladies drove bad, but young Asians get the gold in bad driving.

I would like to humbly request that Asian women stick to what they are good at. Keep giving massages. Keep cooking and stocking Chinese buffets. But, please stay off the roads!!!

Thank you.

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