If you are ever sitting at your computer bored... 

If you are ever sitting at your computer bored...

And I know that you do sometimes because lets face it. Why else would you be reading this?

In any case. If you are ever boared, I highly reccommend the AIM chatrooms. Not because they are intellectually stimulationg or because they are filled with people you would actually care to meet. But because there are so many people in there who are desparate and pathetic. It is like a hive of people to mess with and piss off.

For example:

I went into this room called Christian singles. I was able to clear the room with one entry. Most people pop into a room with something like this: " Hey room 18/f/pic" I figured that since this was a christian themed room there would be fun to behad witha slight variation on it. I typed: "22/m/christian crossdresser". This did not go over so well. One person typed "oh brother" and left. The others simply left. I literally cleared the room with one entry.

Sad but true. Things like this amuse me. Screw you for judging me.

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Sun Oct 16, 2005 1:20 am MST by Lakers Tickets

Comment that's fabulous! you rock!

Wed Oct 13, 2004 1:15 pm MST by donny

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