Women's rights still an ssue? 

Women's rights still an ssue?

One might think that in the year 2004 society would be treating women as equals. One might also think that women had achieved their goals of equality and that people of both sexes could live together in harmony.

One would be right. Apparently the psycho militant feminists did not get the memo. YOU BITCHES CAN VOTE NOW!!! You have a voice. Stop trying to make a statement by not shaving your legs! Your argument is tired and played out. Women are executives of major companies, investors and some of them even hold office. Why is there still an argument about whether you people are equal to men?

Of course you are. If you are that insecure that you have to try to make a statemtn by getting behind the womens movement in this day and age, you are probably a worthless hippie anyhow. In fact I would venture a guess that you are probably unatractive and dont date much. Or you areperhaps a lesbian. Not an ordinary every day lesbian, but a militant biker lesbian that hates peni. You probably hate them because you have never gotten the opportunity to see one. Refer back to your afore mentioned looks if you are confused as to why you have never seen one.

I heard a comment from one of my coworkers last night that made me wonder what the women's movement was all about. For some reason we were talking about Jessica Simpson and my coworker stated "She has set women back 20 years by being blonde and stupid." I nearly had a brain anurism trying to comprehend this rationale. The woman was born ointo a wealthy family. She had plastic surgery to make her look as attractive as she does, an dbecause of her families affluence and her limited talent she became famous. Why would that have any bearing on the womens movement? Here we have a case of a woman who by all means should be in college making straight C's and fucking fraternity boys, but instead tours the world and makes a shitload of money off of no discernable talent whatsoever.

She is the very poster child of capitalism. She took shit and turned itinto a career albiet with the help of her family. Instead of being happy for her and seeing her as proof that shit can float the femists have to try to knock down Jessica. She could be an Icon. Their whole platform should be that if that ass clown can rise up then they can too. But no. They have to feign dignity and attempt to bring down a successful female.

Stupid bitches. If you all werent collectively and infinately on the rag you might be able to stop bitching and moaning long enough to get something productive done. Whatever. As long as you all continue to be nothing but whiney unnatractive lesbians men will not take you seriously. We might actually listen to Jessicas dumbass. We are visually stimulated creatures and for some reason Jessica appeals to our senses more than Bertha the biker bitch. When you learn this you will start to win over our opinions. We are not unreasonable. We just enjoy being in control of the world.

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Sat Oct 15, 2005 11:42 pm MST by Lakers Tickets

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