Scarface was a good leader 

Scarface was a good leader

So for my management class I had to find a movie that exemplified leadership. The assignment was due at nine and I got home from work at midnight. Yeah I pulled something out of the air. I decided that I could be a complete tool and use rudy, or the lord or the rings or some crap like that, or I could try to find a movie that no one else would pick and honestly expect to get an A by using. I chose the movie "Scarface" . Scarface was a damn good leader and here is how I made my case. Yeah I probably could have made i funnier, but I want a good grade and it was like way late when I got around to typing it.

Scarface tells the story of a Cuban ex-con that immigrated to America when Fidel Castro opened the ports in Havana in 1980. Tony Montana came to America with hopes and dreams. With his best friend Mani they began a new life. Tony and Mani begin working for a Miami crime boss named Frank Lopez, who makes his money selling cocaine. Tony is a very ambitious man and hopes to run the business one day.
Tony?s leadership skills are best exemplified in a scene where he accompanies one of the top lieutenants of Lopez to the hills of Bolivia to meet with one of their largest suppliers of cocaine. Since business was good, the plan was to keep purchases at their current level. Tony decided to interrupt the negotiations and suggest that they could afford to buy more at a hugely discounted rate. He risked getting fired or even killed by going over Lopez?s head and negotiating for him. The other associate of Mr. Lopez who Tony accompanied to Bolivia gets extremely frustrated with him and tries to break the deal. The drug supplier is aware that things are not going as smoothly as they should and offers to let Tony stay in Bolivia for a couple of days while his associate flies back to Miami and presents the new terms of the deal to Mr. Lopez personally. Everyone agrees that this is the best idea. As the gentleman is escorted away to a helicopter to take him to the airport Tony and the drug supplier begin discussing the terms of the new agreement. Tony is warned not to ever double cross the man because it could lead to his death. Just then the helicopter passes overhead and stops to hover. Tony?s partner is flung from the hovering chopper with a rope around his neck and hung. Tony is now negotiating the deal for Mr. Lopez.
This was the first step in Tony? rise to power. He knew that his associate was weak and seized the opportunity to move ahead in his business by going around his weakness. Tony continued to assert himself. When he returned to Miami he had to explain to Mr. Lopez why he returned alone and with 3 times the amount of cocaine they had originally agreed to purchase. Frank was greatly displeased with the terms of the agreement as well as losing one of his top employees. This one act set Tony up for his rise to power as the largest drug dealer in Miami. Because of his ambition Frank became displeased with him and tried to have him killed. Luckily Tony survived and ended up instead, killing Frank. With Frank out of the way Tony was in control of the business and turned it into the largest cocaine selling operation in Miami.

Tony Montana is a perfect example of Modern Trait Theory?. I will list the characteristics of this theory and explain how they apply to Tony.
Drive: Tony had this in abundance. He was driven to succeed. He was motivated by money and power and would do anything to get them.
Ambition: Tony had a clear view of his intents and how he planned to gain control of the business. The first time he met Frank, he knew that he was a weak man who coul dbe overcome.
Energy: Tony had the energy to work long hours and complete hard tasks to achieve his goals. He was willing to fly all the way to Bolivia just to have a man killed.
Initiative: Tony took initiative by negotiating for his boss, and saw it as a money making opportunity.
Need for power: Tony very obviously had a need for power as he was willing to kill to get it.
Honesty and integrity: Tony was in fact a very honest man although he was not very ethical. He had his own morals and stuck to them very closely. They are not morals that most people would consider normal but he was very consistent throughout his acts. He would not double cross anyone that did not have it coming.
Self-confidence: Tony had this in excess. In fact it was his sense of invulnerability that led to his eventual death. In the movies finally he was shot in the head with a sawed off shotgun by a hit squad because he refused to blow up a car with a snitch in it. Tony refused because the snitches children were also in the car. I told you he had morals.
General Intelligence: Tony was a very smart man but not a well educated one. He was from the streets of Cuba. He served in the Cuban army and spent time in jail. He was ale to outsmart most of his competitors and his boss to take control of his drug empire.

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