Problems with female authority 

Problems with female authority

Most women think that guys have problems with female authority. Most guys couldnt care less who is telling them what to do as long as the person instructing them is a rational coherent individual. The problem seems to arise when certain females obtain authority.

Men have this stereotype of powerful women in their minds. Well, I do at least. It is a short thick woman with a deep voice who yells alot. She appears to have lesbian tendencies, and is overbearing. This stereotype is what I associate with powerful women because it is these wpomen who are the most obnoxious ones when it comes to actually having authority. Think about the dyke coaches you had in middle school.

Now the reason for this stereotypes existence in my mind is that several of the most distinct women with authority in my life have loosely fit into this mold. This is not to say that ALL women with authority fit this, but there are reasons that so many women that do fit this mold seem to rise up. Im ny mind it is an insecurity complex cause by the percieved lack of powerful women.

For example if one were insecure and thought they were in a mans world they might feel the need to act manly. This often involves being loud and obnoxious, but come on ladies you know you love us. In an apptempt to get noticed it would seem that the girl felt the need to act hard and man up etc. Assuming there were guys in charge of promoting her she probably got a promotion because they thought she was a lesbian and did not want to be sued over affirmitave action.

Another theory is this. Most women... Most people are average. Thats what average means. You are just like everyone else. These women that seem to be scary power lesbians are already separated from the rest of the female population. They might have more testosterone in their bodies than most women. They might be stronger, or louder. They might just all be big bad ass biker lesbians who intimidate their way through life. I dont know. But whatever it is that makes them not average could be related to them simply having a stronger drive to get ahead in life.

The simple fact ofit is most females do not have what it takes to be in charge of things. Dont take offense ladies. Most men do not either. About 80 percent of people are simply contet to settle into a routine and do what they are told. It matters not whether they are male or female.

I dont know why I felt theneed to write this. I dontknow if it even flows coherently. I just heard some whiney bitch talking about how men have problems with females in control and it mademe think. I came to the realization that I dont mind being controlled by a female. In fact I could see her now in her tight skirt and tall boots. She might even have handcuffs or something. Damn baby whatt you plan on doing with those, cause I'm a naughty m...

Umm, I gotta go.

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Sat Oct 15, 2005 11:42 pm MST by Lakers Tickets

Comment I am a male age 23. Sometimes i do have problems with female cops.... Like the other day this bitch sheriff was yelling at me... and im like for what bitch! haha I dont know .. but i cant stand female cops... bitch tell me to do something without that gun!!

Sat Feb 12, 2005 10:16 pm MST by Wendell

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